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With over 145 years of combined experience and 58 years in business, our capabilities range from general product machining (low, medium or high volume), to complex mechanical assemblies and a wide range of simple to complex components including electrical, pneumatics and hydraulics. From tool and die specialists to industrial electricians and engineers, our team at Production Tool & Die is equipped to take your concepts from plan to production.

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Combining our staff’s extensive experience with advanced machining equipment and processes, we offer capabilities to meet all of your objectives and return quotes fast. We strive to meet the needs of our customers in defect-free product, delivery and pricing through precise verbal and written communication. We demand continuous improvements in the quality of our products to ensure customer satisfaction and professional development within our processes.

Why Production Tool & Die?

We exist to deliver defect-free product with a level of customer service, flexibility, and visibility into the life-cycle of your supply chain like no other company in the industry.


Communication in the machining industry needs to be precise, thorough and easy as parts move, orders are placed and shipments sent out. For this reason, Production Tool & Die (PTD) places a special emphasis on our quality of communication throughout the partnership. We respond daily to emails and contact forms, are available close by at our phones during all business hours responding quickly to voicemails and always welcoming shop visits.


You don’t pay for products hoping for a good outcome – you want a guaranteed result. That is why we carefully scrutinize every part that we produce, ensuring it is exactly as you require. If you are not happy with your part, neither are we – contact us as soon as possible and we will work towards a resolution.


Many machine shops rise and fall on the ability to deliver on a strict scheduled timeline. Upon receiving an order form or job quote from a company, we instantly input the data into a company-wide calendar. Everyone working on a job can see the start and end date of a project as well as a shipment date to ensure your products are there when you need them. If there are any complications that arise, we will contact you immediately to resolve any issues!

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