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“The emphasis here is on high-quality work and on seeing to it that customers get a good value for their dollars. We can, and will, spend as much time as we need to get the right product to the customer.”

Henry Carpender, Founder


Established in 1960, Production Tool & Die was introduced in Charlotte, North Carolina as a new standard in the machining industry that hundreds of companies would come to respect and recognize. Henry Carpender, founder of Production Tool & Die, understood the critical crossroads for both product prototyping and full-service machining capabilities, offering a suite of machining techniques in a single business unit.

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  • 1959

    Henry Carpender pioneers a new standard in Charlotte, NC for the machining industry, placing customers at the forefront of his business model and quality execution as the minimum standard for every customer.
  • 1991

    Continuing the legacy of Henry Carpender, William Carpender continues to lead with an established reputation and powerful influence across the Carolinas and southeastern United States.
  • 2017

    Ron Smith, tool & die maker of 30 years, takes ownership establishing Communication, Accuracy and Timeliness at the heart of the company with a vision to modernize for advancements in product quality and manufacturing practice.


Moving forward, Production Tool & Die will begin to introduce custom software and online engagement tools for customers that allow for Communication and Accuracy at an unprecedented level in the machining industry. Timeliness will become more accurate than ever before as we give customers visibility into their supply chain and demand continuous improvements from our internal processes. Today, Production Tool & Die carries on the legacy with a new vision:

To enhance the experience with a machining company through value in customer service and extreme precision in every product.

Through the acquisition of new machinery, investment into software and digital platforms, and strides in efficient processes, Production Tool & Die seeks to serve their customers through Communication, Accuracy and Timeliness.

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